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Sunday, February 17, 2013

Shartnet Crashes, fixed?

Shartnet Crashes, fixed?

The past few weeks we have had problems with our ISP rerouting (censoring) our traffic to Asia whenever we had a large spike of listeners. This rerouting dropped all of Shartnet's listeners every time it happened. We have tried to remedy this by introducing a "reconnect" function into the mobile apps, and that is helping with retaining listeners through crashes. The past few days, we have had new listeners from Europe and America become more prevalent, and they are unaffected by these reroutes through Asia. So you can see on the stats page that we have spikes of listeners being dropped every hour or so by the evil ISP, but our overall user base is now largely unaffected because the demographic has changed.

Keep listening to Shartnet, we are literally playing the music that you aren't allowed to hear.

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